Integrating With Your Public Bot

Developers of public bots may integrate Phisherman as a plugin to provide anti-phishing protection to their end users. This guide will provide information on the requirements for public bots.


If you are requesting access to use in a bot, it should meet one of the following criteria:

A) Be a Verified Botopen in new window


B) Be a Self-Hosted version of a popular or verified bot (Eg. Zeppelinopen in new window)

🚫 The following will not be eligible for access to Phisherman:

  • iOS, Google Play Store or Kindle apps
  • College or University projects/assignments
  • Private bots for testing or development purposes only


Each end-user will require their own API key, which they can obtain via a request in the Phisherman Discord serveropen in new window. This is to allow efficient abuse prevention, rate limiting, and usage tracking. API keys are issued on a per-user basis, so users only require a single key which can be used for multiple servers.

You will need to provide an option within your users config for them to save their API key. Your bot should then pass this key with each API request.

An example request flow should look like the following:

User Config -> API Key -> Your Bot -> Phisherman API


An great example of how to set up Phisherman as a plugin can be found in the Zeppelin docsopen in new window

Validating Domains

Before making any API requests, your bot should validate any domains to ensure that only valid domains are used in requests.

An example regex from RegExropen in new window to validate domains can be found below


Alternatively, you can use a package such as is-valid-domainopen in new window

Checking Domains vs Domain Info

To ensure best performance and reliability, you should only use the Check a domain to validate if a user-posted link is a phish or not. This endpoint is powered by Cloudflare Workers and will ensure your bot gets the quickest response on a lookup.

The Domain Info endpoint should only be used to provide additional context or information to users, such as a domain info command.

Example domain info command

Reporting Caught Phish

With Phisherman integration you can choose report back when it detects phishing links in servers protected by your bot.

Reporting back caught phish is entirely optional and not required for normal usage but allows the end user to view the number of Phish they have caught in the dashboardopen in new window.

For best performance we recommend public bots use the Bulk Reporting endpoint.

User Agent Header

You should ensure you provide a valid User Agent Headeropen in new window when making API calls.

This header should be in the format of:

<bot-name> (<comment> / <developer Discord ID>)

Example User Agent Header

User-Agent: Phisherman-Bot (+ / 188032859276181504)

Testing your integration

For a list of safe domains you can use for functional testing, please see Testing your integration.

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