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Domain Classifications

Phisherman operates a "traffic light" system to classify domains.

These are returned when using the check a domain or check domain details endpoints. A description of their meanings is listed below.


Site has been verified as being a genuine website for an organisation (Discord, Steam etc.)

Suspicious (Default)

Site has not been observed serving phishing or scam content, but there is a high probability of such, or is a newly registered domain that is likely to be used for phishing.


Site has been observed serving malicious content or a scam/phishing site.

Verified Phish

Phisherman can return either true or false for the verifiedPhish property via the API. A description of what each option means can be found below.

False (Default)

Site has not been has not been reviewed or observed by Phisherman volunteers as serving malicious content.


Site has been validated by Phisherman volunteers or other sources as serving malicious content or a scam/phishing site.