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Reporting A New Phish

To report a new phishing site to Phisherman via Trawler, please follow the steps below

How to Report

  1. Navigate to the Phisherman Discord server

  2. Proceed to the #phish-reports channel

  3. Type /report into the chat bar and you should see the following command appear

Report Slash Command

  1. Either hit ENTER or left-click on the highlighted Trawler /report command

  2. In the link box, enter the full url to the phish site you want to report

  3. In the brand box type the name of the brand that the phish is targeting (Eg Discord). As you type, the list will dynamically update to suggest brands.

Brand List Dynamically Updating

  1. At this point you can press enter to submit.

  2. (optional) You may optionally click the comment popup selection and enter a comment to provide additional context or information to the person reviewing the report.

Submission Confirmation

Once submitted you should see the following message

Submission Confirmation

🐟 Phish <SUBMITTED-URL> successfully reported

Where <SUBMITTED-URL> displays the link you submitted.

Submission Results

Once your submission has been received, a member of the Phisherman team will review your report. From there it will either be approved or denied.

For either outcome, your report message will be updated to display the response.

Examples can be found below.

Approved Report:

✅ Phish report <SUBMITTED-URL> approved

Rejected Report:

❌ Phish report <SUBMITTED-URL> rejected

Where <SUBMITTED-URL> displays the link you submitted.